Evaluating Student Outcomes

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Outcomes: Students will be evaluated individually with a portion of the evaluation focused on positive and consistent group interactions and participation. Students must have participated through ePals, group research and collaboration, and the final group presentation. In order to evaluate the group as a whole, each student will fill out a group evaluation as well.

By the end of the project, each student will completed all of the objectives above, including research, group work, and the final presentation to the class. Teachers will have monitored student progress, technology, and completed all evaluations.

Telecollaborative Project Rubric

CategoryNot CompletedInsufficientSatisfactoryExemplary
Research and ePals postsresearch not completed/ nothing postedsome research completed/ minimal posting on ePalsresearch and ePals posting completedin-depth research completed/ several ePals posts
Other country's ePals questionsno questions answeredsome questions answered/ questions partially answeredall questions answeredall questions answered with in-depth comments
Group Participationdid not work well with group members/ refused to work with grouphad difficulty working with group members/ did little researchworked well with group members/ positive and regular contribution to workloadworked extremely well with group members/ workload contribution was positive and consistent
SourcesVery little or no source information was collectedSource information collected for graphics, facts and quotes, but not documented in MLA formatSource information collected for all graphics, facts and quotes. Most documented in MLA formatSource information collected for all graphics, facts and quotes. All documented in MLA format.
Presentationdelivery not smooth and audience attention lostdelivery not smooth, but able to hold audience attention most of the timerelatively interesting, rehearsed with a fairly smooth delivery that usually holds audience attentioninteresting, well-rehearsed with smooth delivery that holds audience attention
Multimedia Presentationcontent is minimal OR there are several factual errorsincludes essential information about the topic but there are 1-2 factual errorsincludes essential knowledge about the topic/ subject knowledge appears to be goodcovers topic in-depth with details and examples, subject knowledge is excellent
Multimedia Elementsno multimedia elements are includedincludes 1 multimedia element/ only includes picturesincludes 2-3 multimedia elementsincludes 3 or more multimedia elements
Grammar and Mechanicsgrammatical and mechanical errors outnumber content/ mostly written in Englishgrammatical and mechanical errors exist but do not impede comprehension/ some English or Spanglishfew grammatical and mechanical errors/ no English or Spanglishno grammatical or mechanical errors/ advanced target language use

Class Management Strategies

Observation: The project will need to be observed closely to make sure that the timeline is being followed, that the students are posting appropriate material and comments, and that technology is functioning properly. I will be responsible for monthly check-ins and answering all questions throughout the course of the project.

Creation of all required materials will have to be done in advance. The project will not begin until those resources have been created, reviewed, and edited. The first year with the project could be a trial run or the project could even be scaled back to include pairs of classes researching one pair of holidays but having all students in the class research the same holiday. Also, all technology will need to be requested, obtained, and safely stored prior to the commencement of the project. This technology will be necessary for months at a time, and it may be better to write a grant to request technology that would stay permanently in the classroom instead of checking it out for a month at a time.

If the exchange portion of the project is not going well, students will have to research the holidays on their own, in lieu of discussions and media sharing with students from another country. Although this would be an unfortunate situation, the reality is that you cannot force another class to participate. That is why commitment to the project and outlining all of the requirements ahead of time are vital. The beauty of the project is that it can continue without being paired with another class, but being paired with another class permits target language practice and authentic cultural experiences and materials. If a class stops communicating, it is also possible that we can pair two U.S. classes with one class in Mexico. The exchange of information would still be the same.

Potential Problems: Some potential problems that could affect the timeline of the project include inclement weather or natural disasters as well as technology issues that include a lack of an Internet connection in the classroom or difficulty sending information in the appropriate format. If the timeline has to change, there is room in the plan for it to be pushed back if necessary. The project only encompasses 4 out of the 10 months of the school year, so there is room to move the project if a situation arises. The only issue then is that the holidays may or may not fall within the time frame in which they occur; this is a minor matter in the larger plan. Unfortunately, technology issues will have to be dealt with on a school by school(class by class) basis. Participants should not be willing to sign up for the project participation if they do not have access to the main technology necessary for the project. Every attempt will be made to help the school/class first, but it may be necessary at times for a school/class to remove themselves from the project.

Project Evaluation

By whom: Leslie Ammann (personal classes) & Other Spanish Teachers (their own classes)
Google Form evaluations for teachers and for students
Mid-Year Evaluation after the first two holidays, final evaluation after the last two holidays

The following evaluation can be used for both the mid-year and the final evaluations. This evaluation can also be used with the students!