Resources and Technology

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1.      Skype for teacher training and check-ins
2.      email for teacher reminders, check-ins, and
                    general collaboration (ePals can be used in lieu                 of this)
3.      ePals for posting of project and discussion

4.      ePals website (with approval by the school)


5.      Skype for student communication (outside of school)



6.      mobile lab for initial research with at least 15 Mac computers with wireless Internet connection
7.      wireless broadband Internet access (at minimum cable or DSL if broadband is not available)
8.      LCD projector to demonstrate use of ePals and final product ideas
9.      8-10 digital cameras (with USB cords) to take pictures of holidays (students may search for
pictures under Creative Commons as well)
    8-10 flip video cameras to take video of holidays and celebration experiences


11.  mobile lab for in-class work time (class dependent)
12.  printer (for research)
13.  5-8 microphones that can be lent out per group for online discussions with other classes
14.  5-8 webcams that can be lent out per group for online discussions with other classes
15.  Scanner for pictures in classrooms that do not have access to digital cameras



16.  Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
17.  Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser
18.  Video editing software such as iMovie (standard on HCPSS computers)


19.  Microsoft Word 2007 or Inspiration to organize ideas
20.  Photo editing software such as Picassa (free) or online with Flickr (free)



21.  parent/guardian consent forms to participate in ePals and telecollaboration with students in another country
22.  Websites (for U.S. holiday research, see below)

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23.    Glogster (final project option)           

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