Holidays in Mexico and the United States

Project Description

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Want to know more about holidays in other countries? In this interpersonal and information exchange project, students will learn how holidays are celebrated in the United States and Mexico. Global classrooms will be created where students will research and describe celebrations and traditions from their home country and then investigate those from their collaborating country based on research from other students. The structure of this project will be both a global classroom and information compare/contrast. This structure was chosen because students in each class will be divided into four larger groups in order to research pairs of holidays: Day of the Dead/Halloween, Three Kings Day/Christmas, Day of the Innocents/April Fool’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo/4th of July. Students will post pictures, videos, and text on a Global classroom via the web program ePals where other classmates can make comments and ask questions. In a final project for each set of holidays, students will share their information and researched holidays through a 10-15 minute multimedia presentation to their class. By the end of the school year, every student will have both researched and presented on one of the pairs of holidays describing how it is similar and different to holidays in their own country.


Name: Leslie Ammann
Mt. Hebron High School
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HCPSS County Curriculum

Quarter: 1

HCPSS Unit: 2

HCPSS Goals : See below
Course: Spanish 2 Regular/Honors


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  • Grades Targeted: 9-12, Spanish 2 Regular/Honors Partnered with English/ESOL class in Mexico
  • Number of Classes/Participants: 2-3 sets of classes initially with room for expansion if the project is successful
  • Locations: United States & Mexico
  • Special Characteristics:
    • Enables students from both countries to practice their target language
    • Promotes culture proficiency
    • Holidays will not only be researched but also presented in a multimedia presentation
    • Students will meet people from another country and culture, and relationships can be fostered and even continued after the culmination of the project
  • Recruiting:
    • Our county currently has connections to classes in Mexico, so we would begin with them first and possibly make that a trial run; we could even do a trial with one pair of holidays first. It would be open to the classes in our county and our connections in Mexico first before opening the project to other participants. In order to recruit, I would post the project proposal, description, activities, desired outcomes and necessary technology on ePals and send the project through the county first.
    • Then the project could be posted the following year on ePals and ESL Café sites to get new participants from outside of the county (this will also occur if there are no county or Mexican classes willing to participate the first year).
      1. Posting date: Spring of the school year prior to the initiation of the project
      2. Deadline:  August of the school year in which the project begins (3-4 month registration period)
    • Once classes/schools desire to participate I will :
      1. provide training via ePals and Skype
      2. answer questions through Skype and ePals discussion board
      3. begin trial runs of exchanging information to make sure files are easily sent and/or converted between countries

Contact Information

  • Coordinator: Leslie Ammann
  • E-mail:
  • Web Page:
  • Organization: Mt. Hebron High School, Howard County Public School System
  • Phone: 410-313-2880
  • Postal mail: 9440 Route 99 Ellicott City, MD 21042

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